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The Pros Brand buys NJ-Pros

The Pros Brand, an independent apparel and footwear company has reached an agreement to buy the New Jersey Pros professional basketball team. Initially The Pros Brand was supposed to sponsor the NJ-Pros for the upcoming season. However with the acquisition and 100% control of the team The Pros Brand not only looks to use the NJ-Pros as a platform to showcase its apparel and footwear both domestically and internationally but also taking the team into a new direction. Christian Villar, founder and owner of both the The Pros Brand and NJ-Pros, felt that by having The Pros Brand acquire the NJ-Pros he was going to be able to provide not only New Jersey and fans around the world a new brand of basketball.

The basketball world in the United States as it stands now is composed of college basketball, NBA, NBA G League, and other minor league basketball leagues throughout the USA. Now with the Big3 and Champions League taking over the summer circuit with former NBA players and the new FIBA format which allows the USA Team to host some games on US soil to qualify for the 2020 FIBA WorldCup pretty much gives basketball fans a lot of different basketball to choose from.

Mr. Villar believes that now the NJ-Pros have the opportunity to provide all the above all year round. The NJ-Pros will be composed of the best available players with NBA, NBA G-League, and International professional playing experience. They will play an all year round schedule both home (Prudential Center) and away (abroad) against top international professional basketball team and national teams from around the world. The Pros Brand is set on making sure the NJ-Pros becomes the best professional basketball team outside an NBA or NBA G-League team to play for in the USA by the Fall of 2018.

The Pros Brand will fly in international teams to play the NJ-Pros, host culture events related to the international team visiting the NJ-Pros on game days, and provide fans and international teams with The Pros Brand apparel and merchandise. While the NJ-Pros travel abroad they will bring The Pros Brand apparel and merchandise for international teams and youth that attend their free basketball clinics.

There will be upcoming news and announcement coming soon on player signings and schedule release. Mr. Villar founded and established the NJ-Pros in 2009 and The Pros Brand in 2016. The Pros Brand is scheduled to release its first basketball sneakers and apparel line before the year ends. For more information on The Pros Brand please visit

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