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Puerto Rico (BSN)

March 2015, the NJ-PROS played the Atleticos de San German from Baloncesto Superior Nacional  (BSN)  in San German, Puerto Rico.



Our Exposure Tour #3 team consisted of some extremely talented players:

• Felipe Lopez (College: St. John's University / Pro: NBA, International)

• Todd Mayo (College: Marquette University / Pro : NBA D-League)

• Kyle Robbins (College: University of Illinois at Chicago / Pro: NBA D-League, International)

• Dele Coker (College: St. John's University / Pro. ACPBL, ABPL, PBL, International)

• Malik Boothe - (College: St. John’s University / Pro: ACPBL, APBL, International)

• Stacey Daniels (College: Fairleigh Dickinson University / Pro:  ABA, International)

• Antoinne Morgano - (College: New Jersey City Univ/ Pro: ABA, ACPBL, APBL, International)

• Christian Villar- (College: Seton Hall University / Pro: EBA, ACPBL, APBL, International)


The NJ-Pros traveled to Puerto Rico to an exexhibition game against the Atleticos de San German of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) which is the top professsional basketball of Puerto Rico.

We had the honor and privilege of visiting Puerto Rico where we played an exhibition game against the Atleticos de San German - the winningest team in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional of Puerto Rico (BSN) with a total of 14 championships. We played an excellent game where heading into the last 4 minutes of the game we where leading by 1 point. Overall we are grateful for being able to compete in a world class league and against the Atleticos de San Germanfor being such great host and true professionals on and off the basketball courts.


Despite being short handed due to the fact that two players never made the trip we where able to showcase our players, brand, and prove that we can compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally.  Next year we will return to play each team of the BSN.


We were also able to provide the kids of Puerto Rico with a free basketball clinic and sports bags filled with school supplies. Thank you Atlecticos de San German and the Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) for the opportunity.

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