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The NJ-Pros traveled to the the Dominican Republic to play 3 exhibition games in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto the Dominican Republic top league.

In May 2014, the NJ-PROS conducted our first exposure tour to the Dominican Republic. There, we played two top teams, Reales de La Vega and Metros de Santiago, from the country’s top men’s basketball league, Liga Nacional de Baloncesto (LNB). While there, we also held a youth basketball clinic for over 100 children. All participating children received a NJ-PROS sports bag filled with various school supplies. NJ-PROS owner, Christian Villar, spoke to the children about avoiding drugs, setting goals if life, working hard to earn a good education, and most importantly, being a PRO in whatever they decide to do.


The tour was a overwhelming success, received many accolades and a great deal of media attention throughout the country. The NJ-PROS compiled a record of 2-1, splitting our series with the Reales de La Vega and defeating the Metros de Santiago.


Prior to leaving the country the NJ-Pros and the LNB have agreed to return next year to the LNB.  The organization was embraced by all and was invited to host tours for every professional basketball league in the country.



The NJ-PROS organization was presented with a plaque from the Reales de La Vega professional basketball team for the NJ-PROS’ commitment and dedication to the community and children of La Vega.


May 2014, the NJ-PROS played teams from the Dominican Republic’s top men’s professional basketball league, Liga Nacional de Baloncesto (LNB).


Our Exposure Tour #1 team consisted of some extremely talented players:

• Garrett Williamson - (College: St Joseph’s / Pro: NBA D-League, NBL Canada - International)

• Zane Johnson - (Colleg: Univ of Hawaii / Pro: NBA D-League, NBL Canada, International)

• Eric Williams - (College: Wake Forest / Pro: NBA, NBA D-League, International)

• Antoinne Morgano - (College: New Jersey City Univ / Pro: ABA, ACPBL, APBL, International)

• Hamidu Rahman - (College: New Mexico State / Pro: ABA, PBL, International)

• D’Andre Brown - (College: Indian River State College / Pro: International)

• Bobby Whyte - (College: Utica College / Pro: ABA, APBL,, International)

• Malik Boothe - (College: St. John’s / Pro: ACPBL, APBL, International)

• Jason Romer - (College: LIU - Felician College / Pro: EBA, APBL,International)

• Yvon Raymond - (College: St. Peter’s / Pro: APBL, International)

• Christian Villar- (College: Seton Hall Univ / Pro: EBA, ACPBL, APBL, International)

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