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The NJ-Pros had another successful tour in the Dominican Republic. This time the team travelled to Moca, Dominican Republic to part take in 4 preseason exhibition games against four professional basketball teams from the Asociación de Baloncesto de la Provincia Espaillat (ASOBAE,) a professional basketball league of the Dominican Republic.


The NJ-Pros flew short handed due to the sigining of players to other countries and Zane Johnson joing the New York Knicks 2014 summer league team.  The team travelled on July 9, 2014 with only 7 players and as soon as they arrived in the Dominican Republic were escorted by the Metros of Santiago of the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto (LNB) to Santiago to watch the LNB's Finals game in which the Metro of Santiago recently became the 2014 LNB champions.  We were invited to court site seats as a gift for having played the Metros of Santiago back in May when we took our first tour to the Dominican Republic.


After the game we drove to Moca.  Upon arrival we found out our team uniforms and 200 sports bags that we were taking to the children of Moca were lost at the airport.  As a result our first game the following day was cancelled and we went out and purchased new uniforms and 200 sports bags which would later on be filled with school supplies the team brought on the tour. 


On Friday night we opened up our tour with a victory over the Don Bosco team in front of over 500 fans and children.  In the morning we conducted a clinic in conjuction with the leagues official and Moca's governor.  There we handed out the 200 sports bag fille with school supplies and interacted with the children in attendance.  Later that night we play the Club La Cancha and won by a 50 point margin playing with only 6 players due to the fact the one of our players caught the flu and fever.  The following day we closed out our  tour with a 2 point loss to their league defending Champions, despite us only having 7 players that had played 2 back to back games the previous nights and them having 15. 


Overall the tour was a huge success because the fans and children came out to cheer us on, we made our mark and presence felt as the whole city and media outlets were talking about the North Jersey Pros and all games were televised.  Players where able to showcase their skills and talents and were offered contracts.  We were invited to come back next year and were treated with the up most professionalism by the whole city, fans, and league officials.

July 2014, the NJ-PROS played teams from the La Asociación de Baloncesto de Espaillat (ASOBAE)  in Moca, Dominican Republic.



Our Exposure Tour #2 team consisted of some extremely talented players:

• Nick Leon (College: St. Peter's College / Pro:  APBL, International)

• Du'Vaughn Maxwell (College: Hampton University, International)

• Sanni Ojibara (College: LIU - Felician College / Pro: EBA, APBL, International)

• DeShawn Painter (College: N. C. State / Pro: International)

• Jeremiah King - (College: Drexel University / Pro: ACPBL, APBL, International)

• Bobby Whyte - (College: Utica College / Pro: ABA, APBL, International)

• Christian Villar- (College: Seton Hall Univ / Pro: EBA, ACPBL, APBL, International)



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