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NJ-Pros Honor US Military

The Pros Brand hosted a showcase game between an NJ-Pros inter squad exhibition game to honor our current military members and veterans at the Prudential Center.

To give back to our youth and military, NJ-Pros teamed up with BOOTS UP, a non-profit charity working to repay veterans. BOOTS UP’s vision is for our nation to work together to repay those who have sacrificed and served our country. Their unique goal is to make connections through employment, education and mentorship to create a positive impact on the American economy.

The NJ-Pros donated 1,000 tickets to all active military members and veterans. Another 1,000 tickets were donated to local youth and religious organization from the cities of Passaic, Paterson, and Newark for youth, families, and churches members to spend a night of fun free of charge while also honoring those that paved the way for the rights and freedom we have today. The US Navy band Northeast was also present to perform the national anthem and perform at half time show.

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